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Latest Reviews

I am thankful for this gamification concept. Your work is very awesome and it supports me my day to day works and study.
Amarjit Ningombam
I have been using life systems for the last few years. Starting with just tracking what I did with marbles and feeling proud of myself at least once a month. Then overtime the system evolved and I ended up in Notion and using other gamification tools. It feels like I've been creating similar systems. Blows my mind you created a community specifically for this. I would love to be apart of a like minded community!
Shaun Ingram
I am definitely blown away with what you have done with the API & it is genuinely awesome!
I really love the work you are doing and the enthusiasm with which you are following your goals. I can really feel you. Keep up your good work up. I am glad that you are sharing your knowledge and am fully stocked about diving into your Templates.
Patrick H.
This is one of the most impressive Notion setups I've seen! Highly recommend this video to anyone getting serious about self improvement.
Camille Ricketts
It's fantastic! It works perfectly, is user-friendly, highly customizable, and well-executed.
Gabriel Rocha
It's such an awesome opportunity to be surrounded by a supportive group while working to improve myself and help others.
Because I think it would be fun and helpful to join with other like-minded people seeking to be more productive.
By joining this community I'm hoping to learn more about managing my productivity and staying organized while being surrounded by like-minded people. I only purchased the Gamification Project so far, but this system you created is so awesome and flexible, perfect for keeping me engaged and focused. Just like video games, but with the real prospect for life improvement. I have much to learn about your system yet, so I'm really grateful for this chance!
Olga Mosicheva
It's fantastic to be a member of a community that focuses on personal development and encourages people to share their experiences, expertise, and ideas.
Martin Rottensteiner
Impressed by the Gamification and I want to find more by joining this community.
I already purchase one month of L-CTRL, and I want to see how the community use it.
Alexandre Lecoeur
Love to be apart of the community and giving back. I love creating things people can use.
Since I discover this space I've been amazed by the quality of thought, intentional and work that you have done. I want to learn more with diversity of people, and I think that Co-x3 is one of the best spaces to integrate!
Rebeca Lissa
I have been blown away by Conrad's YouTube videos and was so impressed by the offerings noted on this website that I decided to join the community in order to leverage a variety of areas in my life and be able to share useful insights with others.
I love what you're doing, we share a lot of life values, I want to live a fulfilling life and hate to think that I cannot do that, I seek discomfort because that's where I'm comfortable and know that's what makes me grow. I want to be better than yesterday... I can keep going but I think I'd rather keep some of these for later :)
This is probably the most impactful template for me. Only because of it, I am not only regularly completing tasks I on or before time, but also enjoying the whole process of hard work. Any thanks is insufficient, Conrad!

We took part in Conrad's Live YouTube Video on Creating a Role Model/Mentorship in a Notion Database. Oh my goodness... We were having a great time, as was another peer, Krissa. It turns out that we both read/understood Mortimer Adler's Contribution to the older Encyclopedia Britannica and "The Great Conversation!" It's about connecting Western Civilization's greatest writers/thinkers/people who produced thoughts and concepts and then linking them all together.
Conrad patiently grew parts of his program from our ideas. It was insanely entertaining! You're missing out if you haven't attended a Friday (integrative) Livestream with Conrad and crew. THANK YOU for being such a wonderful person, Conrad!

Ann M Garvey
To be able to share my progress and get motivated be seeing others progression, maybe get some tips from the family.
I'd like to thank everyone who helped make this beautiful gamification project a reality. I really appreciate your efforts and generosity (in allowing us access to the majority of this project for free). I suppose this is the biggest Christmas present I've ever received. I love you guys!
I entered because I want to be more productive and meet more people like me.
I want to join a group of like minded people like this platform who want to constantly improve themselves. I'm hoping to learn how to be more productive and manage my life better and hopefully after a bit of learning and improving myself I can also help others in the community as well!
I simply love this template. Is a little bit complex, but if you learn how to use it properly it really really helps you to stay on track and maximize your productivity.
Eashley Vergara
I am looking to connect and network with others and exploring the possibilities of what we can create together