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Latest Reviews

The story element, narrative is a good way to inspire. Thanks for the system!
I like all dashboards fairly equally but Make Life Simple is more aligned with my needs.
Your gamifcation idea template seems to be promising. In my view, it's amazing. So, I'm hoping to be a member of this clan.
As a student on the verge of starting college, I'd like to learn how to better manage my time, direct my focus and get what I need to be done as efficiently as possible without getting burned out. I believe this platform will help me achieve all these goals.
I've decided to become a member because I want to learn more about Notion so that I may use it to centralize the organization.
Lucas Brinks
I'd like to make the most of my time and reach my full potential. And I'm interested to see what Co-x3 has planned for me.
I'd like to increase my learning curve and organize my academic projects, and I believe Co-x3 is an excellent group to join.
I believe it is an ideal space for the flourishing of what the Stoics saw as "practical wisdom"! I am very happy and grateful to be able to join the Co-x3 family !
Israel Lima
I loved everything!
Hey Conrad,Thank you for overdelivering and adding value to the community your building. I’m really interested in building a community for artist and producers, and I appreciate your way of communicating your values.
Ryan Lisse
I’m shy and I rarely connect with anyone online, but I’m determined to change that and become more productive. This is why I decided to support Co-x3 knowing that they will not only inspire but also hold me accountable.
Self-improvement with a solid community support from this platform.
I'm enjoying my extended gaming system and want to stay connected to a group that shares my interests and ambitions.
I opted to join the group because I want to become less worried and more deliberate in my plans.
Gain new perspectives, learn, share my own experiences! Thank you for the warm welcome.
I like to help people and I want to become a better version of myself. I think being a community member would be a great start.
I just wanted to say that the gamification of gaining XP and gold really helps the dopamine in my 80HD brain, and I'm excited to get as many things done as possible to level up! ❤️ I enjoy checking to see how much gold I have or what level I am.
This has been one of the most well thought out Notion productivity systems that I've ever seen. It's beyond fun to play with and I can really see what I'm accomplishing which is a far cry from where I used to be. Before, I would create a top three checklist and a lot of the time, I wouldn't complete it. I'd get to the end of the day and feel terrible about my progress. Even though I had completed a lot of other things, all I had were some unchecked boxes taunting me. Now, even when I don't get my top three done, I can still look at my stats for the day and recognize how hard I'm working and give myself some credit!
I'm grateful to be a part of a community of people that aspire to be more effective in their daily lives and, as a result, achieve their life goals.
Keep the tutorial and the videos they are a huge help. Again a huge thank you for all the incredible work that went into building these templates!
Idea share with an open-minded, intellectual and curious community
I am applying to law school and I want to build habits that will be make me more efficient, so that I can successfully graduate and hopefully being a new member can help me achieve these goals.
Conrad!!! This has been the MOST fun afternoon! We finished at least the FIRST version of our RPG Images AND a couple 5 second videos. OMG Conrad is it so much fun and silliness! AND, before you know it, someone and her fascinating young newshound won the Pulitzer Prize - you'll have to come over to see it. Stop by anytime, whether, we are here or not. Were so proud for having come this far - LEVEL 4 AND, we're doing great for the day!
Ann M Garvey
It is an excellent template.
omar ahmed