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Latest Reviews

If you're looking for a way to stay motivated and connect with others who share your goals, Co-x3 Family is the perfect solution. The community is full of inspiring individuals who challenge each other and make progress fun. I've seen real results since joining, and I'm excited to continue growing with this community.
Wanna join group with productive people and this community made me!
Very nice!!
Thank you for creating this template. It is sure to assist many individuals in enhancing their productivity and reducing procrastination.
Aidan Murray
This is great! I'm using this format and made some tweaks :D
I love the Gaming Character
This site is truly revolutionary - in a beautiful, visual way, it helps people develop self-accountability, self-alignment, and motivation.
Nelvis Alvarez
Viewed a YT video about gamifying Notion which looked interesting and thought I’d give it a try. I couldn’t be more happy I made the decision.
Shane Zuspan
Great. Thank you. Like I said earlier you have done an amazing job putting this together. It is obvious that a ton of time and energy was spent developing this system.
Tim May
I've been trying to figure out various aspects of life and career. A community approach can help with quick iterations and ideas. The second aspect is where I can share resources to more accepting people to make each others life better. And create life long friendships.
I'm done, even though it was hard to "show up" today because I didn't really want to show my face due to low productivity. Shout out to Drew West for being an encouraging presence! The thing I love most about this community is that I never encounter judgement and I always feel uplifted even when I don't feel great about myself. Thank you all!!
Amanda Mason
I am currently struggling to work on my progress and goals and would love to be a part of a community that can hold me accountable!
It is an excellent template.
omar ahmed
I'm about to go on a journey to crack the world's most difficult exam, the Indian Civil Services, and I'm hoping that the community will be able to assist me in being accountable and excelling in this exam.
Watched your video with Marie on Notion Office Hours and fell in love with your templates - I'm now a happy Patreon member
Alyha Chua
I have found so much value in being a part of this community. The themes and ideas are fantastic, and I am constantly inspired by the efforts the community members put in to help each other achieve their goals.
The amount of work that must have been required to do all this just blows my mind. So, a huge thank you! Again, a huge thank you for all the incredible work that went into building these templates!!
Looking to become as productive as possible by gamifying and systemizing my life and business. Would be cool to implement this in our business also. Hope to achieve it all by joining the family.
I just started using Notion and found your community through one of your YouTube videos! Incredible what you have built and very grateful if I can be part of the community to innovate, grow and bring value with like minded people.
The videos are really helpful in understanding everything.
Hey Conrad, I admire a lot your work in the community. It's visible the work ethics, deep level of insights/tools and the energy around create a movement of personal growth! Thank you so much!🥳 And in this new space here my goal is be more participative.
Israel Parreira Campos de Lima
While looking for strategies to organize and monitor digital information related to my impending certification and future company ambitions, I came upon Notion. I'm currently using several of the Notion templates listed here to manage my classwork, including assignments, tasks, and projects. These templates have also helped me come up with new ways to track my daily duties and responsibilities. As someone who has a chronic Lyme disease diagnosis, productivity tools and organizing approaches are essential for staying on top of the "brain fog" and mental tiredness that come with the condition.
As someone who has created a social, gamified body-doubling app for ADHDers, I was thrilled to find this community and all the resources it offers. I honestly can't believe my eyes and feel so excited to find people who are like me! I also plan to integrate the "Make Work Fun" app into my own app and refer people to the templates for a more comprehensive system. Let's make work fun and achieve our goals together!
This is one of the most well-thought-out Notion productivity systems I've ever seen. It's fun to play with, and I can really see what I'm accomplishing, which is a far cry from where I used to be. Before, I would create a top-three checklist, and a lot of the time, I wouldn't complete it. I'd get to the end of the day and feel terrible about my progress. Even though I had completed a lot of other things, all I had were some unchecked boxes taunting me. Now, even when I don't get my top three done, I can still look at my stats for the day and recognize how hard I'm working and give myself some credit!