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Latest Reviews

I love historical fashion and everyday historical stuff. I am working towards being a history bounder everyday and when I heard about the community, I joined as soon as I can! :D
I believe that Notion is on the cusp of a much larger movement and the neuro-science inspired gamification industry is at the very cutting edge of that movement. The Co-x3 is a pivotal part of my plan to help contribute to that.
This resource allows me to enjoy Animal Crossing in ways other than just playing the game and getting confused almost every day. I wanted to try out your free options before purchasing them, but I'm loving everything so far!
I just started using Notion and found your community through one of your YouTube videos! Incredible what you have built and very grateful if I can be part of the community to innovate, grow and bring value with like minded people.
Hey, I didn’t have a solid idea about what Co-x3 was, but I’ve always liked the idea of co-creation so I joined and got connected with my new family.
Thanks for everything guys. Your idea is just amazing, and I had searched for it for a long time in my life.
I’m really enjoying the system and see a lot of value in the project. Keep up the great work!
I've spent a lot of time personalizing it, and after a few days of use, I'm even more in love with it.
Zyrus Deri
I want to collaborate with others in helping each other out in life and with the use of notion.
Found Ranger recommended for students. The overall process was very easy to follow because of the videos showing everything step-by-step and which allowed her to rewind. The instructions were very clear and understandable which was appreciated because this system is more complex. This project is done incredibly well, and there are so many features. I was glad to try it out.
The community is great, hope it grows a lot.
Thank you so much for making this template a reality, I am sure it will help so many people become more productive and to help people procrastinate less.
Aidan Murray
This project is absolutely amazing. It’s comprehensive, it has the capabilities for a holistic life wiki/manager. I love the creativity that is behind this project and I love that you emphasized learning how to use the system in order to make it your own, rather than just packaging it as a one size fits all! Amazing work! And all for free. Thank you so much for making this available, I am so looking forward to customizing my system and living my best intentionally gamified life.
Been using the free product for a while and just upgraded to the L-CTRL
It's such an awesome opportunity to be surrounded by a supportive group while working to improve myself and help others.
I've been trying to figure out various aspects of life and career. A community approach can help with quick iterations and ideas. The second aspect is where I can share resources to more accepting people to make each others life better. And create life long friendships.
I'm about to go on a journey to crack the world's most difficult exam, the Indian Civil Services, and I'm hoping that the community will be able to assist me in being accountable and excelling in this exam.
I'm in need of a community to motivate and inspire me, and one where I can have some accountability. I love making new friends and I love the Gamification Project!
When I first approached your Youtube channel, I was looking for ways to learn notion, but to my surprised you provided a lot more than that. This is a whole concept - an entire new paradigm.
Nelvis Alvarez
I joined because I wanted to discover a group that would push me to pursue my personal goal and I'd like to assist others as well.
I'm very happy to be a part of this community, your work is pretty amazing and inspiring to me...
Looking to become as productive as possible by gamifying and systemizing my life and business. Would be cool to implement this in our business also. Hope to achieve it all by joining the family.
I was new Notion and was looking at the gamification project template. When I tried it at first I was confused but a member from Co-x3 helped me and he was so patient that I got curious what made him join. Since that conversation we had, I made it my mission to also show support to people who need it the most.
I couldn’t be more excited to embark on this journey. The content is extremely well thought out and is designed to generate infinite value! Top of my list of productivity applications.