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Latest Reviews

I've been looking for a productivity community for a long time, and I hope I've finally found it!
Claudia Gutierrez Garcia
I was inspired by gamification a lot. And I am also find the best way of me to create something about gamification.
It's fantastic to be a member of a community that focuses on personal development and encourages people to share their experiences, expertise, and ideas.
Martin Rottensteiner
I really like the way you have redone it as it never dawned on me to set up notion like a step by step tutorial. And it works very well for learning templates.
You have done a great job with the idea of gamifying. I'm literally loving it and more importantly its fun and made me actually get consistent and intentional with my daily plans. Thank you.
Thank you so much for your time and all the work you do!
I'm applying to law school and want to develop habits that will help me become more efficient so that I can graduate successfully, and I'm hoping that being a new member will assist me in accomplishing these goals.
This is really awesome.
Alex Quintana
Being a part of the Co-x3 family has given me a place to learn and grow and to help me stay on track of my life. I love this project and would love to be here as it grows more. :)
Lucid Conjure
I've been looking for a group of potential friends to brainstorm, work and socialize with. I used to host brainstorm groups in the gaming industry a while before Covid hit and I haven't been able to find that same helpful feeling since. Discovered Conrad's content through some Google search, I'm really really intrigued by what you guys do and I'd gladly join to lend my expertise!
I joined because I want to improve my problem-solving skills and live a more fulfilling life by using this workspace!
Kaleb Dixon
I am a huge proponent of productivity, self development and helping others. I came across the Gamifcation Template and had some thoughts and feedback and also wanted to collaborate with the people behind it.
Rachel Lim
Hey Conrad,Thank you for overdelivering and adding value to the community your building. I’m really interested in building a community for artist and producers, and I appreciate your way of communicating your values.
Ryan Lisse
I really love the new tutorial island.
Sai Zensei
I am trying to cultivate the addictive protocols in games that compels us to play them for hundreds of hours to implement it to my daily life which I think It would help me to be more disciplined for lack of better words.
Meliksah Eminoglu
I'd like to be more productive somehow and see if this community is for me.
I have been using life systems for the last few years. Starting with just tracking what I did with marbles and feeling proud of myself at least once a month. Then overtime the system evolved and I ended up in Notion and using other gamification tools. It feels like I've been creating similar systems. Blows my mind you created a community specifically for this. I would love to be apart of a like minded community!
Shaun Ingram
I want to enhance my life and make the path more enjoyable, especially with the help of people in this community.
Ophelia Cheung
I want to level up with this community.
Ala Eddine
Love it! i hope this could be a step forward to being productive
I am starting out as an entrepreneur and looking for a community of like minded people to mutually support one another. I randomly came across your page when searching for advice on how to fix something in notion and got excited to find out that communities like this exist!
Catriona aka Kasia Furlong
This is one of the best shares I've seen to map out your goals, steps to reach your goals and method to keep you on track. As an Ironman competitor I follow this type of process when training for a race but (until now :) ) didn't put the same process in place for life. Well done Conrad!
Lori Harris
It's almost the perfect system for till now!
You guys did such an awesome job with this! Kudos!