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Latest Reviews

Co-x3 is an extremely welcoming community. You can be as little or as much involved as you like.
Heidi Enderslev
I love the idea of this community. I am actually the founder of a non profit hackathon community that create coding events all over the world (neuralworks.group). I also love meeting new people through communities. An example of this could be through Hestia Academy, a self learning academy that I participate in, where we help each other learn and create interesting projects! Finally, I am addicted to productivity.
Wow, amazing work here! This system will improve my discipline and growth incredibly!
I’m proud to be a part of a community that proactively helps each other, stay motivated and succeed in completing their goals, whether short- or long-term. I struggle myself balancing work and school life, and I feel I can learn from others any useful tips on balancing them, hearing my story, and hopefully feeling I am not alone with a complicated life.
It is a unique community that combines productivity with gaming. If you're someone who enjoys both and wants to connect with others who share your interests, this is the community for you.
Be more productive and improve the quality of my life. I hope this community will help me.
Im a UX Designer based in Cancun México and I love the idea of interacting with and being a part of a co-creator community like Co-x3.
We watched last night's Friday Live on building our own autobiography and liked it very much. It seemed relatively easy to build, and we appreciated that Conrad was leaving access to it. It seemed like a very nice way to handle those random markers that come up in life... like spare thoughts that only "one-at-a-time" mean something, but over time quilt together real meaning that we build throughout life. It's a nice add-on to our dashboard!
Ann M Garvey
I have the Gamify template and I immensely enjoy the role-play feature.
General Blue
A community that allowed me to share my interests and gamify my life in the best way possible.
To grow, learn, and master my life with the help of the systems and a community of professionals and second-winders like Co-x3.

Hey Conrad!  Thanks for this video. I have to admit it was a little different seeing a "non-Notion" video, but it was good.  I enjoyed seeing you explore what you'd found on this new system previously and while making this Friday Live video.  It's always a good sense of exploration to be with you.  I'll be interested in learning more about this application - hoping we can contribute.  It has been a long-standing goal of ours to be able to better find the jillion of resources that Co-x3 offers and should be at better accessibility levels --> At our fingertips.  Kudos for being you my friend!

Ann M Garvey
I want to collaborate with others in helping each other out in life and with the use of notion.
This is one of the most well-thought-out Notion productivity systems I've ever seen. It's fun to play with, and I can really see what I'm accomplishing, which is a far cry from where I used to be. Before, I would create a top-three checklist, and a lot of the time, I wouldn't complete it. I'd get to the end of the day and feel terrible about my progress. Even though I had completed a lot of other things, all I had were some unchecked boxes taunting me. Now, even when I don't get my top three done, I can still look at my stats for the day and recognize how hard I'm working and give myself some credit!
Joshwin, one of my friends, encouraged me to participate. I agreed to join because I wanted to learn useful skills, develop discipline, and better arrange my life.
I admire your work and all the things that you do! So, thank you so much for that!
I want to increase my productivity by tenfold and form good habits with the help of this amazing community.
After joining our Co-x3 Community for almost one week, I always enjoy the friendly environment and goal-oriented atmosphere. Like a sponge, I learn a lot of interesting and inspiring ideas from the community. Thank you so much for leading this great home.
Jasper (Mark Jia)
The step-by-step instructions on how to use it were awesome!
Have a wonderful day and keep bringing joy into the world!
I am very interested in leveraging L-CTRL to finally make the organizational paradigm shift I've been heading towards over the last year and a half! The idea of sharing feedback with others who share similar values surrounding organization also sounds very enticing.
Tim G.
I want to say thank you so much for working on this. I've had this vague idea of a video game-themed dashboard swirling around in my head for the last three weeks, and I'm so glad to have found a community that has already done a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of building. It has made it easy for newcomers like me to insert my own theme and aesthetic tastes into a very functional system. Fantastic work all around! :~}
Tim G.
I love the L-CTRL package and the sense of accountability and community it provides. I am most productive when I feel like I'm contributing to a greater cause, so I wanted to try out what you all have going on!
I enjoyed the whole tutorial.