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Co-x3 is a space of co-creation and collaboration built for the community. Your support means the 🌎 to us, and keeps this project going. Thank you! ♥

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We believe in sharing openly so we can co-create and collaborate to maximize shared knowledge and experiences.

Our work has been made 100x better with the thoughtful contributions of our amazing Co-x3 Family.

We believe that growth-minded thinkers experience drastic life improvements and bring positive impacts on the world when they:

  1. Grow their knowledge with best practices and fundamentals.
  2. Are equipped with systems to take action on their learning.
  3. Have a community to never struggle alone.

Thus, we support our patrons by providing meaningful and relevant tools to support them on their growth journey. We've spent countless hours into R&D to build systems to help every member in our community live a better life.

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When you support us, you're sending a signal that what we're doing is valuable and pushes us to continuously innovate and deliver more value.

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You're Not Alone.

Israel Parreira

Joined: November 2020

I can say without a doubt that it was the best decision of my year to learn about Co-x3 and become a patron. The resources that are provided are out of this world, and I am loving leveling up with the community.


Joined: December 2020

For more than a year, I was feeling lost on how I can improve my productivity and work to live a meaningful life. I decided to give planning another go for 2021, and what better way for me to do it by investing in a system I really believe in and joining a community of like-minded people?

Cass T.

Joined: June 2020

This community brings so much to the table ♥. I really appreciate the team's hard work! You guys truly make us feel like we can accomplish our goals, no matter the skill set. We build each other up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits do patrons get over purchasing the individual systems?

When you sign up to be a patron, you are making a commitment to living a better life. Thus, it is our responsibility to provide you with the best equipment we have, to ensure that you're prepared to live an intentional, meaningful life - and having fun doing so.

Our patrons get to influence our upcoming content, have monthly 1-on-1s with expert consultants, and access to exclusive templates that maximize your growth journey with us.

How will I access my patron benefits?

Once you join us as a patron, you will receive an email with your template to get you started. We've also built a centralized dashboard to help you get access to all your purchases and access all your download links in one place.

Make an account at the Make Work Fun app with the email you used during checkout - and as an added bonus, unlock multiplayer for personal development!

As a patron, you'll also get access to our VIP Patron Lounge - an exclusive space inside our community where you will get behind the scenes content, a chatroom with your fellow patrons, and details for any special events that come up. You'll also get access to your toolbox coupon codes and a special link to book an expert consulting call.

Then, keep an eye out every week in your email inbox for our Friday Patron Updates - where we share with you an early look into the content that will be released so you are the first to benefit, as well as an invitation to join our weekly office hours where you can ask questions and get support.

What happens if I sign up for the LVL-UP course while having a Co-x3 subscription?

We credit every LVL-UP student with 1 year of the Co-x3 subscription to help them get started on their adventure. For those who already are on the subscription plan, your benefits will be extended for an extra year.

I'm supporting on Patreon, how do I switch to this platform?

If you are supporting us on Patreon and want to migrate so that your contribution is reflected in the app, simply choose your tier from the table above and subscribe again. After doing so, please write in to to let us know and we'll help you cancel and deactivate your subscription on Patreon. As a bonus, we'll also help you maintain your streak from Patreon - so you can proudly show display it in the app!

Are there any refunds?

As the subscription involves a digital product, there will be no refunds. If you are truly dissatisfied with your purchase, please reach out to and we will reach out to learn more about your issue and how we can be helpful.