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Latest Reviews

It's a fascinating thought! Moreover, if I enjoy something, I prefer to pay for it.
To be able to share my progress and get motivated be seeing others progression, maybe get some tips from the family.
The videos of Conrad in each task / card were helpful. Thanks for all of your help!
Gamification appears to be entertaining, and it has the potential to motivate me to complete my objectives. But I'd like to learn more from this group.
Find out more incredible function of Notion and plan my life in a different but useful way with notion.
I loved how well-thought out everything was!
I want a place to keep myself motivated by watching and sharing success with others and I think co-x3 is a great to start.
Really liked the quest masters! They made it so fun and having the steps spread out that way made the whole experience less daunting! I also liked how the videos were short and sweet. You guys did such an awesome job with this! Kudos!!
I adore what you've accomplished and the community you've established.
I believe that communities are imperative for individual growth and in turn our individual growth lends itself to others to grow. Being welcome into a family who believes in this is such a breath of fresh air.
Impressed by the Gamification and I want to find more by joining this community.
I want to join a group of like minded people like this platform who want to constantly improve themselves. I'm hoping to learn how to be more productive and manage my life better and hopefully after a bit of learning and improving myself I can also help others in the community as well!
Wow! Absolutely amazing tutorial, really helped to learn how to use this system and how fun it can be to gamify your life! :3
Victoria Martin
I really love the work you are doing and the enthusiasm with which you are following your goals. I can really feel you. Keep up your good work up. I am glad that you are sharing your knowledge and am fully stocked about diving into your Templates.
Patrick H.
I love your theming sections. It gave ideas on how to tweak my dashboards. Thinking many people will love it too if you can post more in Reddit.
I just wanted to pass along a really big thank you for creating this awesome RPG template! It's been really cool to use so far, and I'm excited to stay intentional and accomplish my goals over the next few weeks especially. I'm also looking forward to joining the community and learning a ton!
Jake R.
Because I like gamification, I have as a life goal to transform the entire Dutch educative system into something optimal. Create the theory of Ultimate Education and hopefully accomplish through the help of the Co-x3 family.
Mr. Hoorn
Have a wonderful day and keep bringing joy into the world!
To be around a group of people who share the same level of passion and enthusiasm for personal growth and productivity. Also, to hold myself publicly accountable.
Thanks for the good content. The Be Intentional Model is transforming the way I'm working on my objectives.
Sofiane Hadine
Love the templates. Had no idea how to use the Notion feature and our templates let her get productive first, and then later she would dedicate time to customizing how Notion was used. Felt it was a tool that offered more than what was being used.
This project is absolutely amazing. It's comprehensive, and has the capabilities for a holistic life wiki/manager. I love the creativity that is behind this project and love that you emphasized learning how to use the system in order to make it your own, rather than just packaging it as a one size fits all! Amazing work! And all for free. Thank you so much for making this available. I am so looking forward to customizing my system and living my best intentionally gamified life! You guys are amazing!
Taylor -
Oh my God! This is the best application of notion!!! I'm so excited that I found it. You are my hero.
Roman S.
I want to say thank you so much for working on this, I've had this vague formulation of a video game themed dashboard swirling around my head for the last three weeks, and I'm so glad to have found a community which has already done a lot of the heavy lifting build-wise and has made it easy for newcomers like me to insert my own theme and aesthetic tastes into a very functional system. Fantastic work all around! :~}
Tim G.