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Latest Reviews

I'd like to be more productive somehow and see if this community is for me.
Geezzzz this is all so cool and helpful! Thanks Conrad!
Ana Tomás
You rock! You're awesome sauce!
I've been interested in gamifying productivity for a long time and this community is the perfect place to jump into it further.
Recommended by a friend whom I will be forever thankful I listened because since joining Co-x3, my life started to change for the better.
This project is absolutely amazing. It's comprehensive and has the capabilities for a holistic life wiki/manager. I love the creativity behind this project and appreciate that you emphasized learning how to use the system in order to make it your own, rather than just packaging it as a one-size-fits-all solution. Amazing work! And all for free. Thank you so much for making this available. I am looking forward to customizing my system and living my best, intentionally gamified life! You guys are amazing!
I believe that communities are imperative for individual growth and in turn our individual growth lends itself to others to grow. Being welcome into a family who believes in this is such a breath of fresh air.
Because I'm already in Guilded, and I want to continue the journey!
I have purchased the Gamify Your Life template. And I want to be a part of your community to level up my life
Hey Conrad, simply blown away by this community. Been looking for something like this for years. So excited to be surrounded by a group of high performant like-minded people to learn from and hold me accountable on my habits and goals.
Tamir Shklaz
I look to collaborate on becoming more productive, want to move my technical knowledge in the direction of creativity and join a community such as this who will make me accountable for what I want to achieve.
Each dashboard has their own great aspects, but my favorite is probably captain's log! It gave me a lot of inspiration for my own dashboard
I believe this community can help spark the motivation I need to overcome the obstacles to my goals.
Keep up the good work, as it can truly help change the way we live our lives. I'm excited to try the template. Thank you for your support!
Thank you for creating this template. It is sure to assist many individuals in enhancing their productivity and reducing procrastination.
Aidan Murray
I enjoyed the short tutorial videos included in each section and the overall format of the tutorial island. I also appreciated the theming aspect and would like to see more options for integrating free templates more easily. There were certain features in the templates that I wanted to include but didn't know how to. However, the experience did inspire me to create a theme of my own, which I had fun setting up for my dashboard.
Have a wonderful day and keep bringing joy into the world!
I want to increase my productivity by tenfold and form good habits with the help of this amazing community.
I wish I had been a part of this team since its inception! It would have taken me much further in my education than where I'm at right now, but I'm glad I have it at all. I can't wait until my own theme is complete!
Rob (Kuyate)
I am actually want some accountability partner/friends who actually care about my growth and I believe joining this community will be a wonderful help to me. Because our parents are too close that we sometimes make easy excuses about our commitments about personal growth. But I noticed we cared a lot not to slack off from our commitments that we made to a person whom we know less or not too close.
It's almost the perfect system for till now!
I want to become the best version of myself and the idea of gamification is really interesting, which is why I joined. I’m tired of procrastinating and wasting my time.
I liked the idea of gamifying your habits, psychologically and scientifically tracking your progress and gamifying helps you to constantly receive that dopamine. I liked the Notion template and wanted to try something different to Habitica, Notion was better option because it's much more complete and tracks better your progress. Finally having a community helps you to stay accountable, gives you support and a healthy competition which is good.
You guys did such an awesome job with this! Kudos!