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Latest Reviews

I discovered the co-x3 family only last week, after purchasing the L-CTRL package to improve my "life management". I'd love to join to keep learning and improving
Develop into the best version of myself by being productive and accountable in a community that fosters growth and passion.

I was super skeptical of what the call would be like. Lots of hidden-agenda/MLM/exorbitantly-expensive type services operations out on the internet, especially in the personal development and support space. I was expecting something like that... and received NONE of it. REFRESHING! Also refreshing was fact it seemed focused, neutral and quite judgement-free. As I mentioned, humbling to see the group being folks from quite different strokes - from house-buying grad, to family-man considering fresh start, to me moving home for school - but all dealing with the same slog of topics: routine, accountability, mindset. Excited to partake on next one, and see where I might add value to group.

Cory Snider
I want to be more productive in my life by organizing my learning and tasks while maybe having some fun too! :) I'm a software developer and have recently started using notion. It's been perfect for me when I have a ton of things that I need to track or have in my head and as far as the valuable videos I’ve watched on Co-x3’s channel, the community has also been a great help to me.
I liked the different options to choose from and how this template is so customizable. The motivational penguin always makes my day! Thank you to whoever created it!!
I joined the community because I want to make a space within the Co-x3 community that highlights self-education, or self-paced learning.
I want to be more productive and have more control over my life. I'm hopeful that Co-x3 and the nice people will be able to help me achieve my goal.
You deserve far more traction, Conrad. The entire system you've built is heavily grounded in truth. The templates of other Notion users don't come close to encapsulating everything together as you have. I really appreciate your systematic way of thinking.
Will Walsh
Because I think it would be fun and helpful to join with other like-minded people seeking to be more productive.
I believe this community can help spark the motivation I need to overcome the obstacles to my goals.
I simply love this template. It is a little bit complex, but if you learn how to use it properly, it really helps you stay on track and maximize your productivity.
Eashley Vergara
I signed up to grow with the community and make meaningful connections.
So incredible to see Notion supporting a growth mindset and intentional self development! Huge kudos, Conrad! We love these videos - please keep them coming! 🙌❤️
I want to belong to a community to keep me accountable and aligned, to ensure I am on track with my goals, and be able to manifest them sooner.
Love it! i hope this could be a step forward to being productive
I'm having a great time sharing with all the community. The livestream of today was so valuable. To be honest, at the beginning I thought this community was only focused in Notion and sharing the cool things that can be done here. But I never imagined it was a community where I could learn so many things about life, my personal relationships and the projects I'm involved with. I'm grateful for being in contact and sharing with people like you, that are focused on being more productive and learning new things!
Mario Reyna
I joined because I want to be more motivated.
To have more structure in life and be part of this amazing community that shares the same mindset as me.
Isekai Studio
I loved how well-thought out everything was!
I want to further my growth, and I believe that having a supportive family like Co-x3, as well as a solid system will help me get that.
I have recently discovered Co-x3, and I am impressed with what the community has to offer. As a leader in my school, I believe that collaboration is key to achieving our goals, and I see a lot of potential in working together with this community. I am excited to contribute my skills and expertise to this exciting initiative.
Thank you for creating this template. It is sure to assist many individuals in enhancing their productivity and reducing procrastination.
Aidan Murray
As a family member, I was inspired to learn more about Notion and how to better manage my life while also contributing to the lives of others.
Being attracted by your projects on Notion, which guide me here. It will be an honour to be a part of community.
Sheryl W.