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Latest Reviews

This is incredible Conrad! I would love to find out more about your template and the books/major ideas that have shaped you into building something like this. Cheers!
Ahnaf Aaqif
It's fantastic! It works perfectly, is user-friendly, highly customizable, and well-executed.
Gabriel Rocha
Looking forward to what’s next! I’m already getting so much value out of it just in terms of rethinking how I structure my tasks and goals. So glad to have found this community of like-minded folks!
I joined because I wanted to meet new interesting and creative people, explore collaboration opportunities (especially with designers, other SE's). And also I really like the gamified Notion system.
Mikhail (Michael - ENG)
Keep doing the great work and thanks for the inspiration and something to look forward to in this Game of life.
Aditya aka spark
I really love the new tutorial island.
Sai Zensei
I wish to share my progress and find motivation to become a better me. I also want to connect with people that may share the same problems I have and I want to join please.

Hey Conrad. Thanks so much for this template. I really appreciate the creative use of gamification and motivations. I look forward to playing around with this and adapting it to my own system. I also like your concepts of Upstream and Downstream as titles for the taxonomic levels of organization. Thanks for that conceptual vocabulary. It's a very apt way to explain task/project/program/campaign level taxonomy. As an advertising PM myself, that's useful for talking with clients.

Adam Pacio
You did a wonderful job here. Thank you, I hope you see this and feel as much joy as I have exploring this game
I want to join because I want to enhance my productivity, use tech advantageous, and spend less time in setting tech.
I wanted to thank you guys, this is a great and very well-developed project, and I think it will really help me archive my goals.
I've heard wonderful things and so I finally joined this group.
Mr. Bojangles
I realize community is really important for motivation and sense-making. I think being part of this community will help find opportunities to engage and contribute, as learn more about myself.
I entered because I want to be more productive and meet more people like me.
This has been so fantastic. I love the depth of it.
To learn to use Notion to build systems. To be intentional in my productivity. To build something each week - 1 atomic unit of an idea or a system. To get inspiration from others in the community and to inspire others by engagement.
Loved being a part of a community of fun productivity.
Watched your video with Marie on Notion Office Hours and fell in love with your templates - I'm now a happy Patreon member
Alyha Chua
This is great! I'm using this format and made some tweaks :D
So far I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the things I want to accomplish and learn, but I trust the community to help me improve myself by organizing my life better and gain more motivation by the ramifications.
The process is pretty straight forward and the videos were extremely helpful.. There is nothing I can think to suggest an improvement at this point. I liked the different options to choose from and how this template is so customizable. The motivation penguin always makes my day! Thank you to who ever created it!!
The community has inspired me to have a consistent and organized life without feeling overwhelmed.
Wilson Komala
Gamification appears to be entertaining, and it has the potential to motivate me to complete my objectives. But I'd like to learn more from this group.