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Latest Reviews

I love historical fashion and everyday historical stuff. I am working towards being a history bounder everyday and when I heard about the community, I joined as soon as I can! :D
This is incredible Conrad! I would love to find out more about your template and the books/major ideas that have shaped you into building something like this. Cheers!
Ahnaf Aaqif
I love this idea! Great work and I can't wait to see this evolve :)
I would like to join a community of like-minded, tight-knit individuals who are also on their journey of selfimprovement through the gamifcation of their life!
I'm looking for a community of like-minded people who are interested in developing tools and techniques for being productive, smart and awesome. Also I really like the gamification Notion template.
First of all, I love what you're doing for everyone, especially in this community. I've been using Notion for a while now, but I've never seen anyone take it to a whole another level...
Jason Lee
It was suggested as part of the gamify tutorial island, and I am curious to see how others are using it and customizing it.
This project is absolutely amazing. It's comprehensive and has the capability to be a holistic life wiki/manager. I love the creativity behind this project, and I appreciate that you emphasized learning how to use the system in order to make it your own, rather than just packaging it as a one-size-fits-all solution. Amazing work! And all for free. Thank you so much for making this available. I am looking forward to customizing my system and living my best, intentionally gamified life.
Hey Conrad, simply blown away by this community. Been looking for something like this for years. So excited to be surrounded by a group of high performant like-minded people to learn from and hold me accountable on my habits and goals.
Tamir Shklaz
This is a community which brings out the best of our efforts within us. It also leads us by motivation and example. I would like to be a part of such community.
Conrad, I love the system you've built.
Greg Hadley
I just completed the Tutorial Island after a few days! I'm really excited to start hustling.
I was inspired by gamification a lot. And I am also find the best way of me to create something about gamification.
I am genuinely committed to making an impact with my words, actions, and projects. Entrepreneurship isn't a job title or a status to me; it's a way of thinking and approaching life. I want to be a member of the community for these reasons.
Seeking a community that focuses on productivity in a collaborative, holistic way. Looking for helpful resources as well.
As a family member, I was inspired to learn more about Notion and how to better manage my life while also contributing to the lives of others.
The step-by-step instructions on how to use it were awesome!
I joined because I want to be part of this creative environment and learn new things.
Nicolas Donati
I love this so much!
Ayden McDavid
I want to put my greatest skills to good use by contributing to great open-source projects and progressing on my path to being a good developer. Co-x3 can be a terrific place to cooperate with others who share your mentality and learn from those who have gone before you. This community offers a wealth of work experience and learning opportunities, and being a family member has provided me with the most.
Conrad!!! This has been the MOST fun afternoon! We finished at least the FIRST version of our RPG Images AND a couple 5 second videos. OMG Conrad is it so much fun and silliness! AND, before you know it, someone and her fascinating young newshound won the Pulitzer Prize - you'll have to come over to see it. Stop by anytime, whether, we are here or not. Were so proud for having come this far - LEVEL 4 AND, we're doing great for the day!
Ann M Garvey
I'm grateful to be a part of a community of people that aspire to be more effective in their daily lives and, as a result, achieve their life goals.
To be a part of a community with collective goals that aim to support and encourage my own individual projects. It calls my attention to see how you are generous as a group to share resources and are welcoming to newcomers.
I enjoyed the short tutorial videos included in each section and the overall format of the tutorial island. I also appreciated the theming aspect and would like to see more options for integrating free templates more easily. There were certain features in the templates that I wanted to include but didn't know how to. However, the experience did inspire me to create a theme of my own, which I had fun setting up for my dashboard.