Grow Wealth

Grow Wealth

Feeling overwhelmed when keeping up with your finances? Have you been so swamped with expenditures that you haven't had the time to think about investments? Build systems to help you save money and make money. Grow your wealth by: + Tracking your spending and creating meaningful opportunities to save; + Organizing your portfolio and systemizing investment decisions. Achieve financial independence by being intentional about how you spend, save, and invest.


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Save Money πŸ’°


Be mindful of your spending

Use our included templates to help you easily track every penny you spend and reconcile with bank statements to make sure the numbers are correct.


Make budgeting fun

Set budgeting categories and reward yourself when you save by making it a Daily Quest.

Easily view how much you have accumulated in each category and learn your spending patterns.

Track your obligations

Always be aware of what you need to pay and when you need to pay it.

Keep track of any outstanding debts you may have, such as student loans or mortgages.

Be mindful of ongoing subscriptions that add up and set reminders for renewals.


Get a simple summary every month on your savings...



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Make Money πŸ’Έ

Demystify investing

Level up your financial literacy by learning which type of investment is right for you. Keep track of stocks to watch and invest at opportune moments.



Keep an eye on your money

Track liquid currencies and investments across different accounts and platforms so that you are always aware of your financial position.

Be a smart investor

Our system automatically calculates gains and losses and enables you to set personal thresholds for taking profit and cutting losses so that when the time comes - you are trading with confidence.


Take the emotional turmoil out of investing.

Continuously improve your investment strategy by holding meaningful reflections after every transaction.


What You'll Get 🀯

Grow Wealth costs $49. This one time purchase includes:
  • 7 Templates + 10 Databases + 1 Dashboard to help you achieve financial independence;
  • Detailed schema and docs making it easy to customize and introduce new databases;
  • Encouragement from a family of like-minded people who support your growth journey.


Travis D. Washington

Music Teacher, Entrepreneur

"The Grow Wealth package has been extremely helpful in consolidating all the applications I used to use to keep track of all my finances and budgeting. The finance, subscription, and investment trackers are such powerful tools when you combine them with your success plan to create an actionable plan for financial independence. The best part is that they are completely customizable to your needs just like all the systems offered by the Co-x3 Family!"

"Thanks for inviting me to share my journey of getting started with investing and the opportunity to build together with the Co-x3 Family." Watch Part 1 β€’ Part 2

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