Gamify Your Life

Gamify Your Life

#theGamificationProject transforms you into your favorite game character, turning tedious tasks into fun and engaging quests that build up your skill tree and includes live leaderboard functionalities to promote friendly competitions between friends, family, and community. Turn your workspace into a... + Highly functional system that motivates you to complete tasks on time. + Engaging feedback loop that rewards you for building strong habits. + Exciting multiplayer experience you can share with your family. Make work fun to build the motivation and focus to get stuff done.


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Level Up Daily

Motivate yourself by building gamification into your daily life - awarding EXP and gold as you accomplish milestones throughout your day.



Reward Consistency

Create custom badges and loot boxes to incentivize yourself to do the things you're meant to do and track your progress to stay consistent throughout your week.

Stay Connected

Enjoy live leaderboard functionalities, promoting friendly competitions between friends, family, and community.

Work together to complete your daily quests to keep your pets alive!


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Co-x3 Theme Library

What You'll Get 🀯

#theGamificationProject costs $25. This one time purchase includes:
  • 3+ dashboards and 10+ databases to turn your life into a game and make work fun;
  • Basic success plan and daily quest database from the Be Intentional Series*;
  • Detailed schema and docs making it easy to customize and introduce new databases;
  • Encouragement from a family of like-minded people who support your growth journey.

If you're looking for a comprehensive system that will help you be intentional AND highly motivated to get things done, check out L-CTRL!

"...I'm a huge fan of games! The idea of leveling up in life has always stuck with me. I used Habitica for quite a while, then switched to the Do It Now app to gamify my life ala RPG-style. It worked to a certain extent, but again these apps had the problem of managing the day-to-day stuff, without having a high-level overview of why I wanted to do those things in the first place. Your Notion set-up was the first thing I've seen that merged all these wonderful gamification concepts from the macro to micro-level, so big kudos on you for that! I like how open you are on what you're working on and what we can expect down the pipeline, the anticipation keeps me going and (hello dopamine!) and the community is supportive." Alysha Chua

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