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Knowledge today is ubiquitous but there is not enough education on how to make the things you learn useful in your life. You can google anything but most results will focus on what. We want to provide you with the why and how. Why in the form of first principles, the fundamental building blocks of knowledge. And how to make that learning actionable in your life through systems. Systems transform understanding of fundamental principles into actionable steps. Here, you’ll get access to a huge collection of our best Notion templates and systems that have helped thousands of our community members live with intention, improve productivity, and make work fun. Hopefully, by discovering our way, you learn how to create your way.


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"By joining this community I'm hoping to learn more about managing my productivity and staying organized while being surrounded by like-minded people. This system you created is so awesome and flexible, perfect for keeping me engaged and focused. Just like video games, but with the real prospect for life improvement." - Olga M.

"I love what you're doing for everyone, especially in this community. I've been using Notion for a while now, but I've never seen anyone take it to a whole another level. I feel the same away about our approach to daily life and seeing you explain the step by step guide so eloquently, I'm so excited to be on this journey of learning, discovering, and sharing content that might help someone gain more control of their life and hopefully leave a positive impact on the world." - Jason
"I was in search of a productivity tool, and I can't believe to have stumbled upon a system that fits so well with how my mind operates! I'm very interested for the sake of my personal development, mental health, and proficiency with Notion." - Grace H.

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