How To Upgrade Your Templates


Hey there! If you're reading this, chances are that you are a patron that has enjoyed our templates for many weeks/months/years(!) 😄 and are wondering how to enjoy the latest updates we have to offer. Fret not, because this guide will show you a few ways on how you can make sure you are benefiting from the latest and greatest of Co-x3 innovation. Enjoy! This guide is also useful for users of the free version of #theGamificationProject who want to upgrade to our super package. Just follow scenario 1 to migrate your success plan items, and you should be set up within minutes!

Let's Start!

Press the duplicate button on the template that you want to upgrade, so that you have a new version in your workspace.


Upgrading Templates

Video Walkthrough

If you enjoy a more visual experience, I demonstrated how to do a successful migration during a recorded office hours session. Enjoy! Timestamp: 1:17:38

If the video above wasn't helpful enough 😭 you can try out this video as well Timestamp: 1:11:24

Scenario 1: If you are quite behind 🐱‍🐉

In this situation, it is best if you migrate your old data into the new template.

Tip: Append the text "(Old)" and "(New)" to the tables you are working on to easily differentiate between the two and avoid confusion.

  1. Go to the table view of the new table that you want to move data into, and clear all the data by following steps 2-4, but selecting delete instead.
  2. Switch to a table view of the existing tables that house the data you want to migrate (make sure no filters are applied!).
  3. image
  4. Select a row (click the 6 dots that show up when hovering)
  5. image
  6. Press CTRL / CMD + A to select all rows
  7. image
  8. Right-Click, Move To → New Table Please note that while all your internal relations will be kept intact, however relations that point to another table will not be copied over.
  9. image

Scenario 2: If you are relatively up to date (1-2 versions away)

  1. Check out the new templates, and compare what has been changed.
  2. For new properties, simply open up two tabs side by side, and rebuild the changes in your own version. This is great for giving you the opportunity to learn from what has been improved and integrate it in your own way.

Note: A 'lazy' way is to first make sure every single property is named the same between the old and new versions, and then copying every formula over. Doing it this way can ensure you have the latest updates within just a few minutes, but you may not understand how the changes work. It's completely up to you though!

Integrating New Templates

For new tables released that doesn't exist at all in your workspace (yet!)

  1. Duplicate the table in question
  2. Move the table into your existing workspace
  3. Fix the relations to point to the right tables (in your old workspace)
  4. Fix the rollups to point to the right properties (compare with the original)