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Do you get energy from playing adventure games with your friends and crave similar experiences for personal development? Transform your productivity apps into a gamified workspace to... + Turn tedious tasks into exciting co-op quests. + Work towards goals and celebrate wins with our family. + Have meaningful check-ins to ensure you're on track. Unleash co-op for personal development.

Hi, I'm Conrad! 👋

I’ve been in love with MMORPGs ever since I started playing Runescape and Maplestory in 2005. It was so fun to come home from school and immerse myself in my favourite fantasy world.

My excitement came from questing and slaying monsters together with other players. The combination of adventure and community pushed me to level up faster and help my friends.


As I grew older, I kept wondering – how could I harness the same motivation and energy to make life better? How productive and happy could I be if I approached leveling up in real life with the same enthusiasm I had in games?

Most importantly, how can we never struggle alone on our adventures?

Step 1: Gamify Your Life

Motivate yourself by building gamification into your daily life - awarding EXP and gold as you accomplish milestones throughout your day.



Step 2: Share Wins With Our Family

Inside our community space, post updates of your avatar leveling up, share wins that you're proud of - and get honest and constructive feedback to achieve your goals.

Step 3: Synchronize Your Workspace

Gamify any productivity workspace and build unique visualizations for your life progression. Get matched with others who are on similar life journeys, create accountability groups with your friends, and build your own life dashboard that shows your growth over time.

What's Coming Up 🤯


Phase I - MVP
Phase II - Multiplayer
Share With Friends And Family
Phase III - Expansion
Gamification For All
In Progress
Phase IV - Dedicated App
Dedicated Web Application
Phase V - Automated Tracking
Aggregate Data Sources


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