Review Cycles

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Nobody knows your success better than you. By setting intentional review cycles every day, week, month, and quarter, you ensure that when you are working on your tasks, you can be confident that you are doing what you're meant to do to succeed. We employ the strategy of embodying different roles at different moments in our lives so we can bring clarity to our lives, so that you can focus on one thing at a time.

Quarterly Review

As the director, you have a quarterly responsibility to determine your direction. You determine the values you stand for, as well as the areas of competence that you want to be known for.

Then, at the end of the quarter, explore how your quarter went.

  • Am I making meaningful progress in my areas?
  • Am I keeping good track of the progress I am doing?
  • Are there any skills and talents that I should be nurturing?
  • Am I operating in line with my values? Sub-Areas
  • Am I defining what these values mean to me sufficiently? What defines this?

Monthly Review

As the founder, you have a monthly responsibility to determine your dreams. Based on the values and areas, you determine the goals and key results.

Then, at the end of the month, explore how your month went.

  • How many goals and key results do I realistically accomplish per month?
  • Which weeks am I most productive? Why?
  • Was I focused this month? Did I finish items that related to the focuses I set?

Weekly Review

As the manager, you have a weekly responsibility to scout for the resources to make your dream a reality. Now it's time for you to determine the how by creating projects to work on.

Then, at the end of the week, explore how your week went.

  • What times of the day am I good at completing daily quests?
  • Which day was I most productive? Why?
  • What are my most productive times of the day?
  • What kind of tasks do I tend to finish?
  • Are there any other interesting insights?