Recurring Tasks

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The Notion Template for Recurring Tasks is a natural addition to the Co-x3 family of programs. It offers a system of caring for repeating tasks in your life that occur at regular time intervals such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or anything else you could imagine. You can change views to suit your needs such as Tables, Calendars, Lists and Gallery. As any program in Notion, one can add properties to best suit needs and ambitions. What additional property could make your tasks easier? Perhaps, you might add a use-case scenario for one or more of your children assisting you with a repeating chore. You would simply add the property, consider Multi-select to choose one or more children, and you are on your way. Later you can collect by name of the child (who had assisted in your various work projects) through Search, and the child might be rewarded for the totality of their contributions. If you are looking for a system to regulate time without thinking twice, the Notion Template for Recurring Tasks will work for you.