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The Knowledge Hub is a system to track resources that you are exploring in life which give you value and understanding. Did you ever have information coming in to your life without knowing where to put it? Did you ever get frustrated because information is sifting out of your brain as fast as it was being put into your brain? The Knowledge Hub helps avoid losing information and knowledge, which is the important data that you've worked hard to gain. Whatever you are processing can be documented in a very resourceful manner with Notion and the Knowledge Hub. The first part is to collect information using our properties, or combine our properties with yours. The second part is to reflect on the information that you are collecting. Sönke Ahrens (2017) suggests in his book, "How to Take Smart Notes," that although writing is important to "...learning, studying and research that it is surprising how little we think about it." It is time to make actionable what it took us so much time to gain knowledge of.