Be Intentional

Being intentional means always knowing the Why, What, and How behind everything you do. It's a life framework that helps you achieve your goals and find more meaning in your life. This series of 15+ templates are designed to ensure you... + Know what you are trying to achieve at all times; + Celebrate your wins; + Learn from your failures. Discover your life's purpose and build systems for success.

Start with WHY.

A good goal answers WHY. The goal sets a clear direction and is inspiring. It defines the key reason why you are working on related projects and tasks.


Your why should be influenced by...

  1. Areas - Where can you improve next?
  2. Values - What do you believe in?
  3. Fears - What's a fear that drives you?


Then define WHAT.

A good key result answers WHAT and measures quantifiable progress towards a goal.

Ask yourself - what does it mean for you to achieve that goal?

As you embark on your growth journey through our Be Intentional Package, you need to embody three different personas: the Founder, Manager, and Project Manager.
As you embark on your growth journey through our Be Intentional Package, you need to embody three different personas: the Founder, Manager, and Project Manager.

The Founder

A visionary, you set ambitious, time-bound goals for yourself and determine what key results need to be achieved before you are satisfied that the goal is complete.

The Manager

Detail orientated, you define the key results further, manage deadlines, and determine what projects need to be worked on to progress towards your goal.

The Project Manager

Well researched and an expert in your field, you analyze if the projects set out are enough to achieve the key results and determine the relevant tasks.

Experiment with HOW

Document all the research completed to become a domain expert and relate them to your projects. Projects and tasks answer HOW and are experiments that take you closer to achieving your outcomes.


Make Consistent Progress Towards Your Goals

Reimagine your habits as Daily Quests to create meaningful routines to help you...

βœ… Start the day motivated

βœ… Get work done

βœ… Have clarity over what matters most

βœ… Level up every day

Once you have been successful with your projects, immortalize your learnings by turning them into masters and trackers.


Your Daily Quests double as a reflective journal to help you plan out your day and track what you have been grateful for and mistakes you can learn from.



My Network Free

Stay in touch with people you care about and don't forget about important moments in their life. A little aid for memory and intentionality.


Skills and Talents

Intentionally develop your skills and talents by tracking when you practice them, and build skill trees to track your proficiency.


Meal Planner Free

Create a shared recipe box and select meals for the week. Your grocery list automatically populates to make shopping stress free.

Timeboxing Schedule

Be intentional about the time you spend each day on different areas of your life and make effective decisions for a balanced lifestyle.



Knowledge Hub

Track all the learning you are doing in your life and conduct a proper reflection on the content you've digested, so you can retain the knowledge and make it actionable.

Healthcare Management New

Keep track of all your medical history, including doctors and visits - so that you are intentionally keeping on top of your health.


What You'll Get 🀯

The Be Intentional Series costs $49. This one time purchase includes:
  • 5+ dashboards and 25+ databases to organize your life and be intentional about success.
  • Detailed schema and docs making it easy to customize and introduce new databases.
  • Encouragement from a family of like-minded people who support your growth journey.


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Mr. Wildenfree

Lyrical Performing Artist, Speaker, Entrepreneur

"Hey Conrad, you’re a superhero. Like seriously, I’ve been doing Notion builds & developing template structures for over a year, & your level of depth & detail on how you’re configuring each section for very intentional living is so incredibly refreshing & impactful. I can’t wait to look into this more & see how I can incorporate some of these tactics in my own Notion workspace for more Intentional Living."

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