Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

This Stardew Valley theme has a Farmer part for everyday use, and a Mayor part for planning and On Deck administration. It is (obviously :D) based on Conrad's Maplestory theme the most.

All of the visible parts of Farmer and Mayor were taken from and explained in the theming video. The slight variations are to make it feel more like Stardew Valley (the season, weather and gold info is in the upper right corner in SV, so that's where I put my stats, etc.), or to use a bit more color :)

I do have a lot of Menu items (I used SV's bundles icons for them, very happy with the results). They are as follows:

  • Backpack: Finance and Spending trackers
  • Kitchen: Meal planning, Recipes
  • Spa: Mistakes, Gratefulness, Fear Setting (theme is reflections and minddfulness, I guess)
  • Museum: Resonance Calendar (since it also holds the library in SV)
  • Community Center: TTRPGs
  • Pierre's General Store: my real life shopping list and inventory
  • Night Market: the gamification project's Item Shop
  • Achievements: Badges, Recent Wins
  • Crafting: holds my sewing and other crafting projects in a visual gallery, since those tend to be long-term and complicated
  • Map: holds my travel projects in a visual gallery, for a very similar reason to Crafting :)
  • Greenhouse: holds my medical / health related projects, doctors and documentation