LVL-UP Course Package


Hi, I'm Conrad! 👋

I help creatives, students, and second winders level up their systems, mindsets, and productivity, so they can focus on what matters.

In this dynamic course package, you'll learn...


Best practices to apply the principles of living an intentional, gamified life.


Actionable templates to put your learning into action today, not tomorrow.


Together with the support, accountability, and focus from an inclusive community.

Visualize, plan, and execute. It should really be that easy to do things that matter. Yet, we often find ourselves doing meaningless, unproductive work - and dreading the process. It's been my life's passion to distill down my best practices on how you can discover the important areas in your life, set actionable plans on how to pursue your goals, and run full speed.

Why Learn From Us?

With about a decade of experience growing and managing multi-million dollar businesses, coupled with an educational background in neuroscience and psychology, I have a keen understanding of how our brains work, and how to hack it to do what we want.

From managing your day-to-day, to tracking your big insights and ideas, I help you follow through on your big, long-term goals by helping you build your own effective personal & business management systems.


I trust and rely on many of the teachings from: - Carol Dweck's Mindset - JP's 12 Rules to Life - Aristotles' First Principles - Google's OKRs - Tim Ferris' GTD - Tiago Forte's BASB and many more!


"Pain is the best indicator of a learning opportunity." — Ray Dalio

It's going to be hard work. You're going to have to face harsh truths. But you will be better for it.

Our LVL-UP Course Has 3 Lesson Modules

Gamify Your Life 👾 • Be Intentional 🎯 • Notion Wizard 🧙‍♂️

Gamify Your Life 👾

Power up your motivation by turning your life into a RPG.

🤔 Have you ever wondered why we are so addicted to social media and video games?

🤔 Have you ever been so compelled to do something that you put aside all else?

🤔 Do you wish that you could share that passion with tasks that drive you towards your goals?

If the answer to the above are all YES, then this is the course for you.



Be Intentional 🎯

Pursue the greatest meaning in your life by relentlessly asking why, what, and how.

🤔 Where do you see yourself in 1 - 5 years?

🤔 What does success mean to you?

🤔 How valuable is that to you?

There are so many distractions in life that move us away from achieving our goals. Today, let's focus on you.

Notion Wizard 🧙‍♂️

Master Notion's unique features for better life management.

Any of these sound familiar?

🤔 You feel scattered across a ton of different tools;

🤔 You waste time looking for documents and files;

🤔 You aren't able to effectively share your learnings.

If the answer to the above are all YES, then this is the tool for you.


The 4-Week Bootcamp

Our students get access to live collaborative learning sessions with me every Monday at 9pm Eastern. They will run for ~1 hour, and then we will head over to co-working channels to wind up/wind down for the day.

Each session follows this format

8:45 - Room opens for pre-class questions

9:00 - Class Starts: Theory

9:15 - Live Examples + Your Examples

9:30 - Brainstorm together / Q&A

9:45 - Take Home Assignment

10:00 - End Class

Big Concepts We'll Tackle Together

W1 - Determining Your Purpose

W2 - Plan For Success

W3 - Find Your Rhythm

W4 - Conducting Review Cycles

What You'll Get 🤯

The LVL-UP Course Package costs $499. This one-time purchase bundles all our courses and includes:
  • An extensive 4-week bootcamp starting on the first of every month;
  • Lifetime access to course materials, 20+ videos, and future updates;
  • Collaborative learning with a community of like-minded lifelong learners.
  • Unlock 1 year subscription to L-CTRL ($150 value!)

If you have already purchased L-CTRL, Be Intentional, or Gamify Your Life, we will offer you a discount equal to the amount you paid for your template. Simply let us know in the chatbot on the bottom right and we'll get you sorted!

"Purchasing this course was the first big step I took into this wonderful community. When I stumbled upon Conrad's video on being intentional, I was immediately hooked on the why, what, and how - and knew I wanted to be intentional with the Co-x3 Family. This year, I really wanted to change myself. I wanted to embrace the first principles mindsets and life-changing values that are the backbone of this community and its system. It was imperative that I transform my desire and potential into enjoyable action and result. I was amazed to find the seamless gamification integration inside the L-CTRL system. After the discovery, my heart was set. I thought, This was it; the system that was going to change my life. Thank you for continuously sharing vital information in such an engaging format that keeps me yearning for growth."


Dean C.

Community Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

What's the difference between signing up for the course and becoming a patron?

Our course is designed for growth-minded individuals who want to learn everything we know about being intentional and gamifying our lives. We train you to apply the fundamentals into every aspect of your lives with the all-in-one productivity tool Notion.

In contrast, ongoing patronage helps support the project and supporters benefit from the enhanced versions of our templates and get community cohort learning, but not the detailed training videos found in the course.

Can I purchase the modules seperately?

No, we only offer the full package. We've found that our students get the most out of our course and enjoy the full experience and breakthroughs which mastery over all the modules. When you purchase the bundle, you also get a 1-year subscription to the L-CTRL system.

What is the refund policy?

This course bundle includes the L-CTRL System which cannot be returned. As such, we are not able to offer refunds. However, if for any reason you are disappointed or dissatisfied after purchasing, please contact us and we will go to great lengths to address any issues you may have. Let us know if you are having any problems at support@co-x3.com

I'm a power up your motivation early access student! What should I expect?

Thank you so much for supporting us while we were building out all the course content and learning the best ways to share our knowledge. The power up your motivation course has now been renamed to LVL-UP Course. Additionally, you've been automatically enrolled into the bootcamp to embark on the cohort experience together with us.

Are the live sessions recorded?

Yes, they are - but they will only be released a few days after the session. The core value of the bootcamp is experienced through the collaborative sharing of values, areas, success plans, etc. to help each other explore different ways of structuring our life goals, areas we want to improve in, and values. Try to make the live sessions if you can!

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