Free Templates (Be Intentional)

Embark on your next epic adventure with the right equipment for your noble quest. Here are some free templates to help you get started with being intentional in various parts of your life.

Relationship Management

My Network

Stay in touch with people you care about and don't forget about important moments in their life. A little aid for memory and intentionality.



Keep track of important interactions you have with your network. What you decide to jot down can be as detailed or as broad as you'd like.

Templates Included: - Personal biography - Meaningful conversations - Relationship questions - Gifts exchanged

Reciprocity Ring

Be meaningful in your giving. It's essential to evaluate often how you can be helpful to others, and more importantly, what you need help with.


Knowledge Management

Knowledge Hub

Track all the learning you are doing in your life and conduct a proper reflection on the content you've digested, so you can retain the knowledge and make it actionable.


Household Management

Meal Planner

Create a shared recipe box and select meals for the week. Your grocery list automatically populates to make shopping stress free.


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