L-CTRL System

Let's be clear - it takes consistent hard work and grit to see results. When you start this adventure, you join a community of ambitious, like-minded people in the pursuit of meaning and purpose for a better life. It's a system that will... + Empower you to plan with intention to be satisfied with outcomes; + Encourage you to be highly motivated to work on your success plan; + Ensure you win consistently by immortalizing your successes; And at the end of the day, share your learnings with family and friends. That's L-CTRL. It's our most comprehensive, ready-made, fully customizable system to initiate life control and keep you centered.


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Be Intentional 🎯

Being intentional means always knowing the Why, What, and How behind everything you do. It's a life framework that helps you achieve your goals and find more meaning in your life.

Start with WHY.

A good goal answers WHY. The goal sets a clear direction and is inspiring. It defines the key reason why you are working on related projects and tasks.


Your why should be influenced by...

  1. Areas - Where can you improve next?
  2. Values - What do you believe in?
  3. Fears - What's a fear that drives you?


Then define WHAT.

A good key result answers WHAT and measures quantifiable progress towards a goal.

Ask yourself - what does it mean for you to achieve that goal?

Experiment with HOW

Document all the research completed to become a domain expert and relate them to your projects. Projects and tasks answer HOW and are experiments that take you closer to achieving your outcomes.


Make Consistent Progress Towards Your Goals

Reimagine your habits as Daily Quests to create meaningful routines to help you...

✅ Start the day motivated

✅ Get work done

✅ Have clarity over what matters most

✅ Level up every day

Once you have been successful with your projects, immortalize your learnings by turning them into masters and trackers.


Your Daily Quests double as a reflective journal to help you plan out your day and track what you have been grateful for and mistakes you can learn from.


My Network

Stay in touch with people you care about and don't forget about important moments in their life. A little aid for memory and intentionality.

Skills and Talents

Intentionally develop your skills and talents by tracking when you practice them, and build skill trees to track your proficiency.

& much more!

Meal Planner

Create a shared recipe box with family and select meals for the week. Your grocery list automatically populates, making shopping stress-free.

Make Work Fun 🌟

Motivate yourself by building gamification into your daily life - awarding EXP and gold as you accomplish milestones throughout your day.


Create custom rewards to incentivize yourself to do the things you're meant to do and track your progress to stay consistent.


Enjoy live leaderboard functionalities, promoting friendly competitions between friends, family, and community.


Intuitive Dashboards 🌄


Everything You Need To Execute


Everything You Need To Plan

Inspired by our desire to keep things functional and meaningful. Reduce execution anxiety with functional dashboards that show you what you need to see, when you need to see it.

Meaningful Review Cycles

Nobody knows your success better than you. By setting intentional review cycles every day, week, month, and quarter, you ensure that when you are working on your tasks, you can be confident that you are doing what you're meant to do to succeed.



Getting To Inbox Zero

Unburden your mind. Easily capture thoughts, ideas, and to-dos that arise and quickly make decisions to do, defer, or delegate..

We love building together with the community to unleash shared breakthroughs through co-creation and collaboration. Tune in for office hours every Friday at 9pm Eastern to learn from our latest innovations LIVE. Subscribe and press the 🔔 to get notified!

What You'll Get 🤯

L-CTRL costs $35/mo or $150/year (Saving $270). This membership supports our family and includes:
  • Be Intentional Series* templates ($49 value!)
  • #theGamificationProject* templates ($25 value!)
  • Full pre-built integration between the two packages. This means one-click duplication exclusive centralized dashboards, and seamless user experiences.
  • Complimentary training of select lessons from our LVL-UP Course ($499 value!);
  • Weekly office hours to learn and build our latest innovations together LIVE;
  • Quarterly template updates for convenient duplication of our latest improvements;
  • Detailed schema and docs making it easy to customize and introduce new databases;
  • Encouragement from a family of like-minded people who support your growth journey.

If one or the other packages resonates more strongly with you, we've made it easy to purchase each package separately and easily upgrade when need to.

"I simply love your system, the amount of knowledge it contains, and how entertaining it is! In a beautiful visual way, the system helps people develop self-accountability, self-alignment, and motivation." Nelvis Alvarez Colorado School District

Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

I want help setting up the L-CTRL system! What resources are available to me?

When you purchase the L-CTRL system, you immediately unlock access to a handbook containing all the documentation needed for understanding of the concepts taught within the package. At the same time, you join a community of like-minded people who are eager to support you on your growth journey of being more intentional and making work fun.

If you prefer a guided approach we also offer a course and 1-on-1 support.

Why are there two methods of payment for this exciting package?

Unfortunately, Patreon doesn't allow us to give discounts bigger than 16% for annual subscriptions. We really wanted to give a special deal for our family members that are ready to make a long-term commitment to taking back control over their lives and thus are offering the annual tier at a significant discount through Gumroad.

I want to change from the monthly to the annual for the savings! How can I do that?

This process is really simple! Simply pay through Gumroad for annual package above, and then cancel the recurring membership on Patreon.

I purchased this on the mighty networks platform. What happens to my membership?

You can let your membership continue. Your benefits will still be delivered through email! You will not have to resubscribe here.

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