Carmen Sandiego
Carmen Sandiego

Carmen Sandiego

Hey there! I made myself a Carmen Sandiego theme cause I'm a big nerd/fan. This is kind of an "interactive" theme, if you saw the Skyrim theme you will notice it's like you're in the world, this theme is more like you are part of the series.

If you've seen the series you will understand the next stuff, if you didn't yet then I encourage you to do it, but I will explain anyway.

There are some repeated concepts during the first season, these are

  • VILE's Hard Drive
  • ACME as a secret organization
  • Fedora the explorer Carmen Sandiego as a good thief, who steals stolen stuff from VILE and gives it back to the museums and so
  • Zack and Ivy as backup, transportation and good team members
  • Player as a see-it-all, can-know-all, really helpful white hat hacker
  • Carmen's incredibly skills to avoid being targeted


BACKUP is a toggle that shows the leaderboard, as you can always count on your friends and family.

VILE's hard drive is the success plan, if you are gonna start this gamification project you will need to steal classified information from The Source to follow along, that means your goals, key results, projects and tasks.

ACME's data is the central command that I didn't delete cause I might need something. This is more Season 2 like, but you gotta know you got a plan B if your dashboard gets a little too much.

Missions Reports are the daily entries on the journal, you gotta make sure to track what are you doing against VILE (and towards your goal)

World Events is where Carmen Sandiego was last seen, keep up with the testimonies (monthly goals) and charity events where you might find her (social events from the Co-x3 community)


Player will approach you and give you some Missions (your Goals). Keep in mind to report back with Zack and Ivy, they're worried about you.

You will also find that INTERPOL and ACME might be behind your back, to shake them off you will have to do some actions (Key Results). To keep them distracted and far away from you and Carmen, who is near your position, you definitely will have to complete some Projects and Tasks.

We know this rollercoaster life isn't easy and downhill, so don't forget all the missions you've accomplished by checking them out all the way down the dashboard. It's nice to see how far you've come. Oh... and you might find Carmen, but you know... nobody knows where in the world is Carmen Sandiego.

Player HUD